Smith – Big Occasion Passed Us By

Hednesford Town boss Rob Smith was left reeling after his sides devastating 5-0 defeat at the hands of Bradford Park Avenue in the Evo Stik Northern Premier Division semi final on Saturday and the manager admitted his team let their big day slip by.

The Pitmen started the game well and matched their hosts on a sodden pitch in stormy conditions but, after a debatable penalty was awarded to Bradford, lax marking and the usually dependable Chris Clements’ penalty miss cost Hednesford dear and they never recovered in the second half.

‘I always try to impress on my players not to let big occasions pass them by and to have no regrets, but the opposite happened on Saturday. I cannot describe how I feel, the dressing room was very sombre after the game.

The Bradford penalty was a big decision that went against us. The linesman said it was too close to call yet the referee, with an impossible angle, decided there was no doubt. At that time we were well in the game but after that everything that could go wrong did. The penalty miss, Jay Denny’s sending off and the capitulation in the second half.’

There will no doubt be speculation surrounding the future of the management team following the second play off dissappointment of their very successful tenure and, worryingly, Smith talked of big changes afoot.

‘If I stay, this team will need wholesale changes. We have been very very poor since Christmas and big changes would be required to compete in this league again next season.’

The first team squad and loyal supporters will be left to reflect on a season which has ended with the most successful management team for many years at Keys Park expressing their disillusionment at the abuse from a tiny section of fans in the final minutes despite the huge majority of the travelling contingent showing their appreciation at the final whistle.

‘There is a lot of thinking and decision making to be done in the close season. The biggest disappointment for the players and myself is some of the nasty and ignorant comments we had to endure from some of our so called fans.

It does make you wonder whether it is time to step aside.’

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2 Responses to “Smith – Big Occasion Passed Us By”

  1. Philtheglamman Says:

    Well i for one can understand there disappointment, we all as individuals vent our anger in different ways, the fans that throw this abuse around at players and staff, should learn to tone it down, its supporters like this that deny us the players and managers like we have now, this is none league not premier league football, it takes a long time to build the right kind of team not only to play at this level but to step up to the plate, and play at a higher level, i for one wish they would just stop away, we dont need you, we want support for the team, how would they feel if there gaffer stood behind them all day slatting them off, they would tell him to stick his job, so you can imagine how players and staff feel subjected to this every week, i just hope that the managment team realise they are the right choice for this club, and we can deliver what they need to achieve there goal and our goal as supporters, let the club and fans drive these mindless few fans out, your not wanted,

  2. Colwoodward1-glynis Says:

    Having attended quite a few of Hednesford Town's games this season including Home & Away games.. I think FAN's shout at the players and manager because they are passionate about the game and their team… We all want them to do well and when they don't it's upsetting to say the least… The fans give up their time to support the manager and the players at home and away games and as far as I can see this is what happens most of the time the fans do support management and players…it was I'm sure through sheer disappointment that fans shouted at the manager and players at Bradford Park. You have to ask yourself should the match have been played in such awful weather conditions….. if the fans showed no passion then the support for the Pitmen would be a lot less. When it's freezing cold and wet seeing your team try their hardest keeps you warm… Oh well here’s to next season