Volunteers Needed

The recent return of the winter weather across the country has left the Keys Park pitch and surroundings fit for a Christmas card but not for playing & watching football.

In order to get our game against Buxton this weekend on we require some volunteers to help clear the snow from both the pitch and surrounding areas of Keys Park.

Your help with this would be greatly appreciated so if you’re available at any point from Wednesday onwards (with a snow shovel – if possible) feel free come to the office at Keys Park.


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3 Responses to “Volunteers Needed”

  1. Simon Taylor Says:

    Free on Friday if still required by then?

  2. Scott Says:

    We will still need some help then Simon, ground will be open from 10am. Thanks.

  3. mat walker Says:

    brereton town under 7s are ball boys for this fixture and would love to help as much as possible. Around on Friday if we can help you.