Stadium History

Since forming in 1880, Hednesford Town have had three places to call home. As part of our ongoing effort to preserve the history of the Football Club, you can learn more about these grounds by simply visiting the pages below.

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The Tins
1880 – 1903
The club were formed in 1880 by the merger of two leading Hednesford clubs, the Red & Whites and Hill Top and made home in the Anglesey Hotel, playing matches at the recreation ground at the back of the building. The ground got the nickname “The Tins” due to the metal sheeting around it.
The Cross Keys
1903 – 1995
After leaving The Tins just after the turn of the century, the next stop for the club would be their home for almost all of it, at the back of the Cross Keys Hotel & Inn. The Inn remains to this day and is still regarded by many as the spiritual home of the Pitmen, though the old ground is long gone.
Keys Park
1995 –
As the club progressed up the divisions in the late 80s and early 90s, they began to outgrow the Cross Keys & sought a new home just up the road. Originally constructed and opened right at the beginning of arguably the most prolific spell in the club’s history, Keys Park remains the club’s home to this day.