Kit-Out Project

Thursday 09/10/2014

Hednesford Town Football Club are looking to utilise a scheme which has been sanctioned by Lucozade Sport as we look to earn ‘free’ football equipment through simply collecting codes off Lucozade bottles through the company’s ‘Kit-Out Project’.

With Lucozade running this scheme until March of next year, there is plenty of time to help the Football Club benefit from this offer. You, the supporters, can help out by doing the following after having purchased a bottle of the popular sports drink with the special promotion label on, by doing one of the following:

  • Take off the label and visit lucozadesport.com/kitoutproject to enter the code which is on the inside. Select Hednesford Town from the dropdown menu and the code will automatically be added to our tally.


  • Bring your used Lucozade bottles up to the Football Club and we will put them in a specially provided bin in order to enter the codes ourselves online.

There are a number of different items to aim for from training bibs to kit bags, so why not get collecting today and help Hednesford Town out in the process.


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