Tonight's Birmingham Senior Cup fixture at HOME against Romulus has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.


Your Help is Needed

Tuesday 02/06/2015

The close season is an opportunity to spruce up the Keys Park Stadium ready for next season. We need volunteers to help complete a host of minor jobs around the ground.

With this in mind, a working party evening has been arranged for Wednesday 3rd June starting at 6.15pm, with most of the jobs involving cleaning and painting.

Please meet up in front of the ground for about 6pm. Bring with you your old work clothes, gloves, cloths, floor covers, buckets, brushes and other favoured tools. Some will be provided if you don’t have any…… we want your time please.

If you haven’t already done so, please contact Colin Woodward to register your interest: colwoodward1-work@yahoo.co.uk

Please send him the following information:
Full name
Contact number
e-mail address
Skills offered (don’t be modest)
Availability e.g. Odd occasion/in emergency/weekdays/times etc

A number of volunteers have already pledged support, but more are needed to make it easier for everyone.

Thank you.


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