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Thursday 07/01/2021

Hi Everyone,

We hope you all had a great & safe Christmas and New Year.

Just a quick update for everyone, given current lockdowns etc.  As we appreciate your all wishing to know what’s happening around the club, as I am asked on a regular basis to those in contact with myself.

Currently as everyone is aware, the season is on pause due to lockdown &/or Tier requirements & the club is officially closed during this period.

We are working tirelessly to gain more knowledge of the future, however as we are sure everyone will appreciate, whilst the league and other governing bodies await a steer from main government, it is not possible currently to give exact answers.

We as a club are currently in talks with the Local Authority, who have been working with us closely in the background.  To review and consider all support the club is eligible for.  Due to the Local Authorities assistance, we currently benefit from Business Rate Relief and a small amount of grant funding to assist the club.  Whilst is doesn’t cover even our standing costs, I’m sure everyone would agree, something is better than nothing.  However, they also continue to work closely with us, to further review any additional support they can offer within their own constraints they have to work within.

We have also held meetings with the Chair of the Conservative Party.  Where they have understood our frustrations and requests for assistance, and they have pledged to assist if & where possible.  We watch this space with regards to this matter to any progress that could be made.

We await a call from the Chief Exec of the FA also, who has been requested by the Chair of the Conservative Party to speak with myself directly with regards to support to the club.  We await this call still, to see what assistance will be offered to the club.

We have also spoken to the League directly, to ask such questions, to why we have not been involved in key decisions on the restart or pause on the league as was the agreed format in the last meeting we attended.  We have also asked what financial support will be given by the league as none with regards our latest lockdown has come forward.  We have also requested for some clarity to be forthcoming with regards to a league null and void or a new format (as suggestions have been muted out in the social media world), as I’m sure we all wish for this clarity.  We again await responses, and have been informed that statements from the league will follow when possible.

With regards to a possible season restart, we at this moment in time are not aware of when, if or how this will work.  Whilst we can plan and second guess options, it would look like if and when a restart happens the season would be extended into the summer months or via a new format.  However until we are told, our guess is as good as yours.

Meanwhile, our first team remain in high spirits and are eagerly awaiting returning to Keys Park.  Myself, Hayden, Terry, Keenen, Deeks, and Jemiah all speak with the team on a very regular basis, and the team is maintaining their focus and fitness as much as possible under the current lockdown rules.  The team is determined to put right, from the results around the start of the season & cup games, and they grow in confidence by the day.

Our Academy is also continuing to progress, as their lessons have all moved online, which apart from their academic studies, they participate in online learning for tactics, shape, formations, transitions of play, to name just a few elements on what they study online.  They continue to develop and improve all the time and KMR has worked wonders with the whole academy.  An exciting time to be part of the team there and we look forward to growing this further in the forthcoming season intake.  So for anyone whose not sure what to do when leaving school this year, and would be interested in joining this scholarship scheme this summer, please email academy@hednesfordtownfc.com for further details.

Our Veterans team also, remain in good spirits, following their 8-5 win at Keys Park, against one of the best Vets teams around (I was told that they were unbeaten last season in their respective premier division).  They have further plans to play at Keys park this season (once rules allow), which will see them facing the 3 current Hednesford Town Academy teams, and a exciting a surprise couple of headline games……watch this space for more information on these games.  But they are surely not to be missed.  The Vets team plan to officially join the Vets league next available window.  So come down and support the guys when the games are on & keep your eye on our webpage as player bios & photos will be uploaded over the next few weeks we hope.

Youth – As some may be aware, our youth set up was not an official part of Hednesford Town FC.  Whilst we have worked together since the takeover under the one club, one badge ethos, it has now been confirmed that they have stepped away from the club itself as their own set up, with their links to SUA academy and with other clubs also (you may have already spotted the Hednesford Town Sporting brand been mentioned in social media which as we understand will be used by the previously youth set up from the start of next season).  We wish them all the best for the future as we know they have a great set up and have worked tirelessly to develop the children’s abilities and knowledge.  That been said, we still wish to continue to offer our pathways, into our own academy and our first team, as has been successfully implemented already this season (as we have been asked by a few parents over the course of this season already).  Therefore, we ask if there’s anyone, with already established youth team set ups, who would be interested in becoming linked officially to Hednesford Town FC, with a view of developing future players, we would be very interested in hearing from you.  Please email sales@hednesfordtownfc.com, with your full details and a description of your currently youth set up, and we will get in touch.  Also, we still welcome anyone who wishes to join our Academy Scholarship Programme, to apply for the next intake (again just email through to academy@hednesfordtownfc.com for further details), as our own course is a different offering to that been offered elsewhere.  Our aim is to develop people into players &/or to get involved and learn jobs around the footballing industry at clubs for the Students futures.

We also as a club are monitoring when we can stage key events.  These will consist of large scale music and comedy events, once conditions around coronavirus will allow.  We hope to start staging these in the summer, however this is subject to all coronavirus restrictions currently and required lead-in & planning timescales needed.

So in a nutshell we are in a holding pattern, to await information, rules, restart dates, formats (if applicable), etc before we can announce anything further.  But rest assured when we know any further information, you will also know.

For now, lets all continue the Hands, Face, Space and respect the Tier/Lockdown rules currently in place.  Stay safe all and we will see you as soon as it is safe and possible to do so back at the PRG Stadium at Keys Park.


Kindest regards



Graham Jones



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