Tonight's Birmingham Senior Cup fixture at HOME against Romulus has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.


Social Media Boycott

Thursday 29/04/2021

Hednesford Town FC are joining the social media boycott over this coming weekend, and therefore we will not post any sports content to its official social media outlets for the duration of the boycott period from 3pm on Friday April 30 until 11.59pm on Monday May 3.

We also wish to highlight the importance of the message we wish to deliver as part of this campaign.

We stand united to deliver a safe & happy environment for everyone involved around the club, from board level & management all the way through our club & system, to fans and players.  We do not in any way condone any discrimination or bullying in any form.  We feel it is important to highlight the gravitas of these matters in order that they are not lost with the message, sport, as a united front, wish to deliver.

We find it upsetting that such campaigns need to exist in this modern age, as we are all equal, we live in one world together, and we should all always work together, regardless of background, education, colour or any other matter which may provide a different life experience.  As we feel there is no place in this world where any form of discrimination or bullying should occur.

We come together as one, and we are proud to be such a team that promotes an ethic that regardless or age, colour, or upbringing to name just a few, we empower everyone around the club, based on who they are as a person and their ability to undertake a role.

Campaigns should be used to spread joy around the world, not awareness.

We thank you all for your understanding and continued support.  As you ALL mean the world to us.



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