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Courtney Remains Committed To The Pitmen

Friday 26/11/2021

We can confirm today, that following an 7 day approach with a very lucrative offer from Stratford Town for Courtney Richards, he has expressed his continued commitment to Hednesford Town.

He stated “for me its about been part of this journey.  Ever since I have joined, the support from the management team, and development for both me personally and the team as a whole has been exceptional.  Whilst money is always a consideration, I can see the short and long term plans for progression at the club for myself personally and the team.  This to me with the support I have from the management team, is worth so much more.  I know we will achieve things, and I definitely want to be a part of that.  I’m enjoying my football here, and that to me is why I must stay.  To continue to develop as a player as quickly as possible in all areas.  We learn so much every session, we learn from the things we do right and wrong.  But were supported and coached all the way, on and off the pitch.  I’m proud to pull the shirt on each week.  I know what we can achieve, and I’m proud to say that I’m happy being a player for Hednesford Town.  Now back to the hard work……..”

The management team also commented “were obviously delighted that Courtney has decided to stay with ourselves.  So many times you see people offered lucrative sums, and that turns peoples heads.  This is not our ethos here.  We want players who are committed to the cause, who wish to play for the badge and everything it represents.  People who buy into the club as a whole.  Players who can see the hard work behind the scenes going in to develop the team as a whole and as individuals.  We constantly work with players, to review performances (team and individually), work on the up next player analysis, formation options, transitions, styles of play, everything basically.  So to see players approached which can then unsettle this balance, is always something we monitor with a close eye.  So to know when players, give us their personal backing and commitment such as this scenario, it shows were doing things right.  We appreciate Courtney’s support, along with the rest of the team, and remain resolute and committed to the progression of the club and to keep competing to our maximum at all times.  Thank you Courtney and to all the fans we hope you join us in marking also showing your support with such a statement for players been committed to the cause.”

This all unveils before our away game at Nuneaton this Saturday at 3pm.  One where we expect the Pitmen to come out with teeth, where we can expect to also see Ben Bailey returning to League action also, following his appearance on Tuesday evening in the Cup.



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