Tonight's Birmingham Senior Cup fixture at HOME against Romulus has been postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.


Stratford Vs Hednesford – Postponed Game Update.

Thursday 30/12/2021

Today we can confirm that yesterday we received written confirmation from the Southern Central League, that our request for compensation for costs incurred has been not accepted and therefore no compensation will be paid to the club.

This reasoning was because we as a club provided a breakdown of all costs (which took additional time and money to provide), and then the League requested a copy of invoices.  We agreed to supply these if our additional time costs would be covered to provide these.  However, the league refused to confirm they would cover this additional expense, therefore they were not provided.

We as a club have been given the right to appeal this decision to the FA, with again additional expense to us as a club.  However, given other information available to the board around the situation, circumstances & governing bodies all involved with regards the game been called off, we as a board feel this would prove a futile challenge.

We are bitterly disappointed as a club to the way the whole situation occurred and have expressed our full disappointment and rationale, to the league.  However, at this point we expect that no further action will occur, with regards this matter.

With regards the updated dates for the game we await the rearranged date.

In the meantime, we wish to reassure our fans, that we as a Board continue to strive to ensure that we progress in all areas, to be treated as a club fairly and reasonably in all aspects, to allow us to showcase exactly what we as a club together are capable of.

Also, whilst on, I would like to add my personal thanks to everyone who attended and supported our game against Rushall Olympic.  A total of 1142 fans attended the game, among which were some great faces from the past.  You all made it a wonderful atmosphere and was a joy to see and hear.  This is what we as a club together are capable of.  This is the reason that myself and Hayden got involved, as we believed this possible on a more regular basis, to allow the club to push forwards in the quest for promotions.  Football at our level is at a key point now, given the world we live in, with lockdowns and restrictions coming in and out.  It cannot be stressed enough, that support in numbers such as this make a huge difference to clubs.  We thank you all for the support and hope you all return and bring your friends and families along, to enjoy the journey of the club, through the good and bad times.  We remain together, we remain strong, we are the Pitmen.

Kindest Regards



Graham Jones




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