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A Thank You To Ade Dando from the Chairman

Tuesday 15/02/2022

Following recent news with regards Ade Dando, the following statement has been made by Graham Jones…

“Firstly I would like to thank Ade for all his time and efforts for the club.  The support and loyalty as my Friend and Business partner reached levels that I’m sure neither of us expected exactly how much that became at the outset of taking over at Hednesford Town FC.

We took over together, amidst huge personal happenings at the time, and our love of football, together with the desire to help our local team not only survive, but to grow again with aspirations of success will always be fondly reminisced upon.

Whilst, life & football changes, I know personally the hard work, that’s gone on behind the scenes by us both, especially during a world wide pandemic, and the plethora of issues which ensued due to such factors.

Ade has also confirmed that both he and Lionheart will be continuing the role of Security for Hednesford Town FC, as one of our main sponsors.  So not only do we thank Ade and the whole team at Lionheart for this, but the good news there is we will all continue to see Ade and the team down at Keys Park.

The two little words, which are so simple, so underrated, and so often overlooked, can only be said…..Thank You.  Thank you for your support, your hard work, and for everything you did and have committed to continue to do for both myself and the club; from myself and on behalf of everyone at the club and all the fans.  Also thank you to your family for being so patient and understanding given the role and time it took, as without them none of what we have undertook could have being achieved.

With Ades departure, as Ade said himself, time is now, for everyone at the club to galvanise together, to support the club as a whole, to keep bring along your friends and families to games, to spread the word, to help the club grow.  We together said at the outset, we need you all…..and now is no better time for us all to do so.  As it is now more than ever, we need to do so.  So lets be one, lets show to all, that we stand together, despite and differing opinions (as football always provides), we are one, we seek the same goals for success for Hednesford Town FC, we stand united, we are #OneClubOneBadge.

We look forward to seeing Ade and all our fans all at our games very soon.

Keep the faith, remain positive, as the hard work will never stop, to achieve our goals.

Thank You Ade my friend, and good luck in all you do for the future”.





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