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Wednesday 28/09/2022

Hi All,

I write again sadly to discuss certain issues of a very small minority of troublesome individuals.

We have been made aware of a video whereby a young person shouts out unacceptable abuse.  Our stance is a simple one of disgust to such incident and will not be tolerated.  We request that anyone in the vicinity of this, who has information on who the individual is, contacts the club regarding the identity of the individual (anonymously if needs be).  A report has also been lodged with the Police (their Football Hate Crime Dedicated Officer) who shall pick up on this incident and action accordingly.  We as a club also will not hesitate to issue a lifetime ban for any such behaviour.

We as a club appreciate that football is a very emotional sport, and this can lead to elevated emotions.  However, a very small number of individuals continue to appear to forget that there is a line you cannot cross (or even have a mindset of such, to be honest).

We have previously stated what is not acceptable of any sort of discrimination, abuse (online or in person), or any manner of antisocial behaviour.  Again, I reiterate that this sort of behaviour WILL NOT be tolerated by myself, the board, or us as a club.  It will be addressed with swift and harsh consequences.  There is no place for any of this around the club (or any club to that matter) in any circumstances.  It does not matter if you are a fan of either side playing, a member of staff, a player, a member of playing backroom staff or board member, if it is proven you as an individual cross a line, you will be immediately ejected from the ground and face a stadium ban and have the incident reported to the FA, League and Police (as individual circumstances arise).

We live in a world, where everyone should feel safe and protected by each other, and should be allowed to enjoy the game which we all love so much.

We came into the club to ensure it continued to strive.  We as a board have done everything we can, to grow the club in the community for all, to improve the ground, and seek to gain what we all desire the most ……  I remind everyone of what I stated from the start, WE have to do this together.  I personally find it disgusting that such behaviour is happening, but if you are in a crowd and see or hear such, I am left perplexed why this would not get reported immediately to staff around the ground, so such behaviour can be addressed with the immediate and absolute action required.  We get informed of such incident after a game, when it is uploaded to social media.  Surely, we all see that this sort of action does not assist in dealing with any small-minded individuals at the time.  It only creates a negative awareness, which such sad and small-minded individuals, do not deserve any acknowledgement for.

I have no personal interest in been part of a club which cannot behave.  We have to work together to stamp this behaviour out.  We will be having additional undercover people walking around the club on game days, to identify any perpetrators.  We will do everything we can to stamp this behaviour out.  But this always comes at a cost to us as a club, which to put it bluntly should not be needed.  So, I ask you all to assist in helping, by reporting it to staff as needed, if any type of anti-social behaviour happen.

There’s no place for such behaviour in life, let alone football.  We are here to be a family club, a community club.  We want to succeed, we must do it together, as the only way we will succeed is through togetherness.

Its time we all help…..its a time of need of togetherness.

Kindest Regards








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