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Chairman and Vice Chairman to Step Down at the End of the 22/23 Season

Friday 10/02/2023

It can be confirmed that at the end of the 22/23 season both Graham Jones & Hayden Dando will be stepping down from their roles at Hednesford Town FC.

In a brief statement they stated –

“We have to announce that we have come to the end of your journey at Hednesford Town Football Club.  Since we arrived in May 2020 we came in to ensure the clubs continuation, and we have seen the club through some of the worst financial implicating times in modern history, including Coronavirus which not only forced closures upon us, but also affected so many of our lives on a personal basis with the loss of loved ones.  We have also seen a cost of living crisis and a War between Ukraine and Russia, which again has had personal implications upon us all (including ourselves directly).  We are proud that since arriving we have implemented so many changes for good around the club, which has included a full restructure of our youth development system for the good of the club and the teams within it, a newly formed Veterans setup who went on to win their league at the first time of asking, a restructure of our Ladies setup, and again saw our Ladies Team promoted last season in their first year at open age.  Away from this, we have been able to facilitate the ground improvements all around the Stadium, from new Floodlights, a new PA system, a new Club Shop, nets installed behind the goals at the rear of the stadium, new signage all around the ground to name but a few things.

Therefore, we can confirm that the Club (consisting of the playing side & related elements) will be gifted debt free, to anybody/organisation/consortium, which proves that they have the ability and resource to run a team/club at the level which we are.  For any enquiries for this please email sales@hednesfordtownfc.com with your details and your initial expression of interest, to why you feel you would be the correct person, people or organisation to continue the clubs running.  We also highlight the time importance to any enquiries to ensure a smooth continuation, so don’t delay in getting in touch for any serious enquiry.

With regards the Stadium, we have therefore decided not to complete the purchase which has been ongoing (due to coronavirus influencing factors).   Therefore, the Stadium is available to rent or to purchase & any serious enquiries should be sent to hednesfordtownfc1880@gmail.com for consideration and progression.   There is also a potential option of a groundshare at another club for anyone who wishes to take over the football club only.  Obviously, the ideal successor will take over both elements at the same time.

In regards the first team, we have seen in our only full season (due to corona) our best finish in some years, and despite this season not panning out as planned to date, we will continue to support and fund the team as needed to fight to the end.  We sat and spoke with the Management team in detail this week to explain our decision and they were very understanding and supportive of us, and have agreed they will continue their roles, and they will push to the very end for their fight for points, and to deliver as many games as possible, performances from the team who show their fight and commitment to the team, to make us proud.  As they say it isn’t over until it’s over.

It has not been an easy decision to come to, however, following our recent fans forum we reminded all, that we made a promise from the outset that once we were not wanted as such at the helm, we would step aside for the next person to take up the mantle.  We have heard those voices via public and private messages received in large numbers following this forum, so have reached the point that the time is right, as the club is in a better position than ever for someone new to come in and take over.

In closing we would like to thank so many people for your support over our tenure.  The Staff, Volunteers, Managers, Players, Youth Teams Coaches/Players/Parents, Veterans, Ladies Teams, Coaching Staff, Medical Staff, Catering Staff, Head of Ladies and Boys Youth Set Ups, all our superb Sponsors over the last 3 years & YOU ALL the True Fans for your support.

We would also like to thank our other staff and companies which often went unnoticed, which supported the club so much as without you all, our tenure wouldn’t have been possible.

Finally, we would like to thank our families & close friends, who have respected the countless hours spent away from them to ensure the smooth running of the club and have understood the emotional pressures we have endured that goes with running a football club.



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