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Tuesday 07/03/2023

It can be confirmed today, that a deal has been agreed between all parties involved that Hednesford Town FC will see the full ownership Transferred to our new future owner Gary Hartland.

Gary, comes from a footballing & business background, previously sitting on the board at Tamworth FC in the early 2000’s.  He has a great knowledge and contact base within the game & twinned with the synergies in his business portfolio, which includes care homes & private schools will be a huge catalyst for the clubs future.  The deal reached will see the ownership of the club, grounds and stadium all transferred across to Gary, as he wishes to embrace and grow the community element of the clubs engagement, whilst bringing stability within the playing side of the club.

Gary who is absolutely delighted to be incoming owner of the club stated 

“I very much look forward to developing the club and building on the hard work carried out by Graham and Steve over a number of years.  I see it imperative that the operating side of the club and the stadium are under the same control to enable investment to take place in the facilities.  Only with improved facilities will we be able to build a sustainable football club which will reach out to the community and ensure the playing side is viable financially along with the operation of the club but at the same time provides true entertainment and value for money.  I am very much into this project long term as I am with all my businesses and I would like to feel that given time, we can develop the playing side and facilities in parallel.”

On the agreement been reached Graham Jones & Hayden Dando stated

“It’s wonderful that the club has found its new successor.  The history of the club and growth ability is unparalleled to many of the clubs around given the clubs infrastructure.  Its fan base has been amazing, and our main involvement coming into the club, was to ensure the future of the club.  During our time here, it’s been a roller coaster with so many unforeseen variables challenging our tenure including a global pandemic and cost of living crisis.  We have received huge amounts of interest in the club post our intended departure announcement and have been working none-stop in the background to ensure the right successor was selected.  We would like to thank everyone who came forward with proposals for a take-over, as any club would be lucky to have any of the candidates that came forward.  Each and everyone’s time discussing these proposals are greatly appreciated, and shows how far the club has stepped forward even during such problematic times in the world that we have all experienced over the last few years.  The Pitmen will always remain close to our hearts and we wish everyone at the club and the fans an amazing future.  Thank you everyone for your support during our time here and thank you too to our families who supported our involvement and time at the club.  You have all been understanding and supportive beyond belief.  Here’s to a new beginning, a re-energised future, a new look Pitmen, and most of all here’s to future successes of the mighty Pitmen.”

Steve Price also stated

“I’d just like to say that in Gary Hartland I believe we have the perfect fit for the long term future of the Club, his plans are ambitious, progressive and realistic.  Thanks to Graham and Hayden for their efforts over the past 3 years, the Club is being handed over in good order to enable Gary and his team to move forward.  Thanks to all the people, both staff and volunteers for their help over the years, it was greatly appreciated.  A special thanks to Terry McMahon, he was there through good and not so good, and always put the Club first.  Finally, thanks to the supporters, the backbone of the Club.  All the very best for the future for everyone.”

The deal will see Gary officially take over running the club from the 1st May 2023.  In the meantime, all parties will be working close together to ensure a smooth transition for all elements, with the league and team itself whilst the legal processes are completed.

So lets join together in welcoming Gary Hartland to Hednesford Town FC, and thanking our previous Chairmen for their hard work & support behind the scenes and for ensuring the futures bright for the club.



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