Club Statement

Hednesford Town Football Club are continually looking to promote the club as a community facility that welcomes both home and visiting supporters.

However of late an anti-social element has infiltrated our club and has attempted to tarnish our image with visiting teams and their supporters and diminish all the good work that is currently being done at the club, in the community by our Official Supporters Association and by the playing staff on and off the pitch.

The Football Club will take a strong stance against these undesirable individuals by working alongside Staffordshire Police to identify those who:

  • Fail to adhere to our ground regulations
  • Make a nuisance of themselves
  • Cause alarm and distress to other supporters.

In the short term a number of individuals have already been identified and will no longer be able to attend events at Keys Park forthwith. These persons will be contacted and informed in writing that their presence is not required. This course of action taken will be reviewed at the end of the current season.
Over the coming weeks other individuals will be identified and they will also find they will be prevented access to football games and other events here at Hednesford Town to show that we do not welcome this behaviour at our Football Club.

We hope that our genuine followers will support us with these measures and anyone who has any additional information regarding names of individuals and acts they have carried out to the detriment of the club whilst they were purporting to be followers of Hednesford Town FC.

The information can be passed directly to the club and will be treated in the strictest confidence or alternatively via the CRIME STOPPERS.


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7 Responses to “Club Statement”

  1. Timoakes Says:

    Well done officials. No place for these mindsless individuals who tarnish our great reputation of our genuine true supporters.well done

  2. Chickenf88ker Says:

    A few young chavs at the game yesterday weren't bothered about watching the game, just acting like knobs. What's the point of coming?! They should Just find a field somewhere & have a little fight between themselves.

  3. Claire Wilson104 Says:

    Well said Hednesford I totally agree with this statement.

  4. Simon Says:

    I agree. I've stopped taking my son there. The language is awful.

  5. john Says:

    @simon, the language is awful, get a life mate

  6. Bluenosebodkin Says:

    Great to see the real supporters standing up against these people some of those in the Heath Hayes Terrace were not football fans they had come to cause trouble,I was surprised how old some were.let's get rid and return the values to a community club well done Hednesford

  7. kevin5458 Says:

    it appears that these "children" and older adults ahve said we can get away with this at Hednesford because no one stops it. I am glad we are taking a stance against it, however it has crept in to alot of other sports as well.