Supporters Urged To Bring Out Memorabilia For Reunion

Tuesday 14/02/2012

The evening of Saturday 18th February sees the Hednesford Town Football Club Supporters Association bringing back together the squad of players from the famous F.A. Cup run of the 1996/97 season.

Now the SA is after supporters help in order to make the night an even more memorable one.

Joint Chairman Scott Smith has called upon supporters to bring their memorabilia along from that time in the Clubs’ history.

‘It will add a real nostalgic tone if all the attendess bring with them memorabilia from the Cup run. Be it hats, scarfs, pictures, posters or newspaper clippings. Please bring them along in order for us to remember that great season.

‘We would like to put them on display on the evening in order for others to look and reminisce. All items will be returned to their owners as soon as the night has finished.’

Tickets are still on sale for the event and can be purchased before tonight’s game against Stoke City and Saturday’s fixture against Marine, priced at £10 for SA members and £12 for non-members. This gains you entrance, a selection of hot and cold food and the chance to be part of a memorable evening at Keys Park.


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