Club Statement – Ownership Update

Saturday 14/03/2020

Following a meeting yesterday evening at Hednesford Town Football Club (HTFC) with the HTFC Supporters Association (HTFCSA), it has been announced that the future owners of HTFC will be Graham Jones and Hayden Dando.

Graham Jones (with a construction & design background & owner of Residential & Commercial Engineering) and Hayden Dando (with a security and events background & owner of Lionheart Security Services) have joined forces, in a joint venture to acquire HTFC.
By combining and utilising their individual skill sets and resources, together with their love and knowledge of football at all levels, Graham & Hayden along with their supportive background teams, will ensure a smooth transfer of HTFC, where full control will be handed over at the end of the current season.

The first official signing was also unveiled, as a key member of the background team, Terry McMahon (currently Club Secretary) was proudly announced as the new Director of Football. It was explained that Terry’s continuous hard work and efforts was recognised at an early stage. Wishing to embrace the talent, knowledge and dedication to HTFC, this appointment felt like a natural fit. This was met to a large applause of appreciation by the Supporters’ Association.

It was also announced that a Commercial Director and two Events Managers are also forming the behind the scenes management team. To which they will be announcing at a later date, along with their proposals to future events which are planned.

“The balance to what goes on the pitch, to the behind the scenes is imperative to us, to create a long-term sustainable future for the club”, was the key message from the future owners. Where they also unveiled a proposal to create what is dubbed as a ‘mini Wembley’. A scheme to complement the existing club, creating approximately 70,000 sq. ft. of office space, which would include a gym, restaurant and convenience store with floor to ceiling windows, viewing & TV gantries, locating these facilities in the unused corners & also utilising the space above the existing stands. Whilst this proposal is in its infancy at present, it is proposed that this scheme will be put into a planning application as soon as is possible. This would then assist to enable a full sustainable future for HTFC, for generations to come, whilst enhancing the stadium and grounds. It is proposed to hold a public consultation event in the near future to officially table the proposals for local and fan feedback, prior to the application been submitted. Therefore, please watch this space for further details of the event.

“HTFC is a sleeping giant, and it’s time to wake it up. We wish to embrace the historic past of the club, whilst bringing a modern and sustainable future. We would also like to thank Steve Price (the existing owner) for all his assistance to this change of ownership. It was obvious from the outset that his primary objective was to ensure a future for the ownership which would enable a future for the club; and would leave the club in good hands.” stated the future owners.

With regards to the team, the owners stated “Our first objective was clear. It was to galvanise the squad out on the pitch. They are clearly a talented group, who were lacking confidence and low on morale, given all the changes that took place around Christmas time. We made our first request clear to the team. Play as a Team. Win, lose or draw, we asked that they gave it their all. This was prior to the away game at Royston. Since then, we feel that this is exactly what they have done. Whilst the results haven’t gone our way over the last four games, their abilities and team spirit, is clear to see. We cannot applaud them enough for the heart they are showing, as ultimately whilst we can steer the boat, it’s down to the team to perform and row the boat. We feel that this is exactly what they have done over the last four games, and now it’s time for us all as fans and support to do the same. Let’s get behind them, as this will either prepare ourselves for the following season for a strong start, or with a good wind and other results going our way could lead to a promotion push.”

Finally, Graham and Hayden ended the meeting with a clear message. “It’s time to change, having reviewed the club, it has felt that there are many factions to the club. This has been used previously to unsettle players morale, and many other elements of the club. We know we will not always be able to provide the perfect solution and answer to everyone’s desires. But we will listen, adapt and do what we can. We will not win every game (although we would love to) but we will be one. Act as one, play as one, as together we are stronger. We will be a family. We are one club, one badge, one team. We are The Pitmen!”.

It is proposed that a future meeting will be scheduled once the Coronavirus is settling down, with a open meeting for all fans to further discuss the future of the club, what Graham, Hayden and their team are all about, and the future of the club.
They will look forward to meeting you then.

In the meantime, the management team wish you all the best during this current period of pandemic, and they look forward to speaking to you all soon.


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