Hednesford Town FC – Club Statement re: Bullying, Sexism, Racism, Discrimination

Sunday 18/07/2021

In the world we live in today, we find it deeply saddening to have to write such statements.  However, we would like to remind all people who visit Hednesford Town FC, that we run a zero tolerance to any sort of anti-social behaviour.  This is including any form of bulling, racism, sexism, ageism, or any other form of negative behaviour.

We are proud as a club, of everyone involved in the club, and only empower people on their ability to undertake a role.  Under no circumstances should anyone around the club, including any guests of the club, should have to be subject to any form of bulling or abuse, or even be party to witnessing such act.

We request that at any time, should anyone who is either victim or witness to any such act should report this immediately to security or any member of staff, where we as a club can then deal with any individual/s accordingly.

Hednesford Town FC run a zero tolerance to any such behaviour, as it is vitally important that anyone who visits the club, knows they are in a safe and protected environment.  Upon investigation to any such matter, if found to be guilty of any such act, any individual/s would be subject to an immediate Stadium Ban (with no recompense) and the matter could also be passed over to the relevant authorities.

We live in a modern world, where we should be proud to stand next to the person to our side, no matter what their age, colour, sexuality, nationality, background….the list would go on and on.  Our moto from the point where we took over the club has been #OneClubOneBadge.  We always stand by this, for all aspects of the club.  We lead by example, and trust that everyone will do the same.  We also said at the start of our tenure that we need you all.  This is a true example how you can all help in creating a safe and welcoming environment for all.

We also say, if you ever, away from football, need help or advice, and you do not know who to turn to.  We are here as a club for you all.  We are a community.  We are here to help each other in life.  You can always seek advice, protection, or just a shoulder to cry on, in strictest of confidences.  We are here for you all.  Myself and Hayden (Vice Chair) are very passionate about this and we both welcome you all to the club if you ever need such assistance (even if away from the football).

I myself was a victim of such hatred during early years of my life.  A victim of bullying.  Having grown older and wiser, and having a position where I and we as a club can make a difference, we will never stand by helplessly, whilst such acts of negative behaviour happen.  The pain and anguish it causes cuts deep and lasts a lifetime.  I am personally luckily that life changed, having lived a rollercoaster life of good times and bad.  I am blessed with a wonderful family & friends of all backgrounds.  I will stand by them all.  I shall stand by you all.  We as a club will do the same.

We together are the Pitmen.

We are #OneClubOneBadge

Thank You



Graham Jones

Chairman of Hednesford Town FC


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